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Often time’s people ask me why I am called “Chinese Piano Lady”. This idea came to me in 2009 because the majority of pianos are being manufactured in China since 2000. I’ve witnessed this shift over my 24 years in the piano industry. I was born in Taiwan, immigrated to America, studied business, raised my family here and become “Americanized”. I still hold my Chinese roots in my blood and that is why I call myself the “Chinese Piano Lady”. As a parent, whose child studied the Piano for many years, I understand the Piano industry, the Piano market and understand how confusing and frustrating it is when looking for a piano....Read More

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In helping clients purchase their pianos, they inform me of the kind of pianos they are looking for and the budget that they have. Coordinating with you is important when it comes to helping you find the perfect piano for you. And, if you don’t know what you are looking for, you should not worry. I can also assist you by providing you with information on all types of pianos that are available on the market. Whether you are looking for new or used pianos, Houston piano enthusiasts can expect only the best from the Chinese Piano Lady - Maggie….. Read More

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Selecting a Piano Teacher who is not only a master at their craft but also very apt and experienced at various levels of teaching is extremely important. This insures the student will be receiving the best possible music lessons and generally prolongs the student’s interest in music and in playing the piano. Over the last 20 years, I have developed strong professional relationships with Piano Teachers throughout Houston and many of them are fluent in Mandarin. Please ask me for suggestions; I would be very happy to assist you.…. Read More

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  • I walked in the Piano store with little to none knowledge about pianos. I was curious about a piano that was appropriate for a 6yr old kid and within a limited budget. Ms. Maggie was fantastic at explaining the pros and cons of pianos vs. electronic weighed key keyboards and was very patient while showing me the many varieties of pianos the store had to offer. She took all the time necessary to educate me about the right type of piano for a beginner and was never pushy as one would expect from the typical seller. Buying our piano was one of the most pleasurable experiences I have ever had with a sales person. Ms. Maggie showed incredible enthusiasm towards her job and was very courteous and respectful of my time. I would not hesitate to recommend Ms. Maggie or the Houston Piano Company to anyone.

  • Maggie was amazing to work with! I do not play piano but my husband I wanted to purchase one for our children. Maggie took her time to explain all aspects of a new piano vs a used piano, what kind was best for our family, and how to find the best one for our budget. She is amazing! Our piano arrived yesterday and has already been played for hours! Thanks Maggie

  • I highly recommend buying your piano from Maggie Pollio, she was wonderful! She knows her stuff, is eager to help and is very fun and friendly. I went into buy a piano and was impressed with her knowledge of pianos and the music industry in general. She factored in the size, brand, and most importantly my budget, when helping me to choose my piano. I so appreciated how she didn't waste her time (or mine!) trying to up-sell me on something I couldn't afford. My piano sounds and looks beautiful and I'm very happy with the warranty that they offer. Whether you're a student, former student, or a piano teacher like me, you're sure to find a great deal from Maggie Pollio at Houston Piano Company!



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